Dr. Tamaro J. Green, DCS

Computer Science

Dr. Tamaro Green, DCS

Hello, I am Dr. Tamaro Green, a recent doctoral graduate of computer science. 17 years ago, I started a freelance enterprise, TJG Web Services. TJG Web Services would provide assistance to individuals and organizations for developing their Internet presence with web sites, web applications, and content management systems. Over the years, technology has changed, but the service and dedication of TJG Web Services continues. There has been the advance of social media, mobile applications, and the Internet of Things. There has also been widened access to the Internet and more companies willing to provide services online. TJG Web Services continues to adapt to and develop innovations in technology. During the health crisis, many companies had to change their business model in order to navigate lockdowns, health restrictions, and higher requirements for customer safety. TJG Web Services was no different. In order to serve customers with new demands, TJG Web Services began developing tools that focused on the analysis of health care data and the facilitation of pandemic related services. Please feel free to visit the website TJG Web Services for information about how TJG Web Services has adapted to new demands during the health crisis.

As an information technology specialist and software engineer, I realize some of the constraints that hardware, software, and networks place on innovative systems. At times, the limitations of system components restrict us to achieve the full potential of what we are attempting to accomplish. TJG Web Services emphasizes research and development as a method for identifying and mitigating technology limitations in order to push the limits on innovative capabilities. I would like to thank the many mentors who have guided me along the years in order to overcome changing and challenging times. Mentorship can be a critical channel for seeking opportunities and understanding new roles. TJG Web Services believes that an environment of mentorship may provide a valuable asset for career development. TJG Web Services continues to research emerging technologies and environmental influences of technology that can serve as a platform for understanding how to mentor the next generation of information technology specialists. Visit TJG Web Services to learn about new strategies for preparing for the future in technology.

Dr. Tamaro J. Green, DCS

CEO and Founder

TJG Web Services, LLC

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